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The Chairman welcomes new members to Tommy’s Field Allotments and hopes that this website provides a helpful introduction to the association.

Tommy’s Field is set in a very attractive location on the banks of the river Wansbeck, with views up to the medieval castle gates. A public footpath runs through the centre of the site and many walkers as well as local residents come to enjoy the open aspect of the allotments.

The site provides the people of Morpeth with the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and flowers on a rich and fertile loamy soil. It also forms part of a wildlife corridor and although rabbits are actively discouraged, it allows for a range of bees, butterflies and other insect life to flourish. The ethos of the elected committee is to continue the tradition of the site and keep it an open and welcoming green lung for the use of the local community where gardeners can tend their plots in a relaxed and untroubled manner.

The four acres of land, now known as Tommy’s Field, have been used by the people of Morpeth since early times. The Freemen of Morpeth had the right of “aftermath” or pasturage on it from Michaelmas in September to Lady Day in March. The field retains Tommy’s name ever since Tommy Longstaff ran a pub and a tannery on the site in the 19th century.

Members are expected to assist in the sustainable use of the allotment assets and continue a successful tradition of self-management of the land. Members are also welcome to join the committee at the AGM every March, pay their dues and select officers of the association.

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